How to Save Money on Your Home Remodel

We all know home remodels can get expensive quick. You might have a budget in mind, but that quickly gets out of control if you’re not careful. If you’re planning a home renovation, then you’ll want to make sure you’re saving money wherever you can.

Check out these easy ways to save money on a home remodel.

Find the Right Contractor

Start by looking for a contractor in the off-season. Contractors charge less when they need the work, like right after the new year. We advise contacting at least three different contractors to find the best price. Remember, the price shouldn’t be the sole determinant. How well you relate to the contractor, their experience, references and other factors are just as important. The key is to get the best value, not the lowest price.

Do Small Jobs Yourself

A remodeling project usually includes everything from consultation to cleanup. If you’re able to tackle on some small jobs yourself, then do so! This is a great way to save money, tell your contractor you’ll handle the cleaning, painting and light demolition yourself.

Think Revamp Rather Than Remodel

Your biggest savings opportunity may already be in your home. Rather than replacing everything with new materials, consider repurposing what you already have. Consider what you already have, from lighting, to baseboards, to cabinets and see what might look better with a little sanding and a coat of paint.


If you’re looking to save money, consider doing upgrades that will lower your monthly bills first. Make a list of every upgrade you’ll directly benefit from, like energy-efficient appliances, ceiling fans, or double-paned windows. These are improvements that will pay for themselves.

Rent a Dumpster

While you may not consider waste removal a top priority when planning your home renovation budget, it should be. When remodeling a home you’re going to have a ton of debris and other household items to throw away. Rather than renting a truck and disposing of it yourself, rent a dumpster. Renting a dumpster is the easiest most cost efficient way to dispose of your unwanted debris. Ultimate Dumpsters offers an all inclusive price, which includes your dumpster drop off fee, delivery, weight, and rental days. We carry a variety of sizes, our project managers will help you determine which size is best for your home remodel.



We hope you found these tips helpful when planning your next home remodel. Remember, before you start construction, call us at Ultimate Dumpsters for a free quote, and get your dumpster on schedule!