Top 5 To-Do’s Before Your Dumpster Arrives

If you’re about to get started on a home renovation or a weekend clean up, you’ve probably rented a dumpster. Before your dumpster arrives it’s important to make sure you’ve cleared the space of any debris, vehicles or other obstructions that could hold up the delivery. Below, we’ll discuss the top 5 to-do’s before your dumpster arrives.

Before that delivery truck shows up, take some time to prepare for this important piece of your project.

1. Getting the Proper Permits

If you haven’t already gotten the necessary permits you may need for your dumpster rental, it may be time to make a call. If you rented with us at Ultimate Dumpsters, then don’t worry, we take care of the necessary permits and include them into your overall upfront cost. If not, it’s important to get the necessary clearances and permits from the proper authorities before it arrives to your home / worksite. Typically if you’re placing the dumpster on private property you will not need a permit, if you are placing it on public property you will likely need a permit. Be sure to find out ahead of time as additional fees and fines from not having the proper clearance can drive up the cost of your project, or you may be required to remove the dumpster altogether.

2. Clearing the Area

If you plan on having the dumpster dropped right in front of your home, be sure the area is clear of any obstructions. If you’re placing it in the driveway, move the cars and any other debris that may be in the way. You’ll want to find a smooth surface to place the dumpster, it should be far from any power lines or low hanging tree branches that may get in the way when it’s time for removal. Remember you’ll be making quite a few trips to the dumpster while you’re throwing things out, if you want to protect your lawn from constant foot traffic, make a path on the driveway or other walkways.

3. Let Your Neighbors Know

While you should always be able to rent a dumpster without hassle from your neighbors, you may want to consider letting them know in advance. Dumpsters taking up a parking space or the noise from the work being done may not be your neighbors cup of tea. For the sake of a peaceful neighborhood, consider talking with your closest neighbors and give them a heads up of when your project will be starting and for how long. They’ll likely appreciate the notice, especially if they’re close by.

4. Watch Out for Onlookers

Both kids and adults can be distracted by the arrival of a large truck coming to drop off your dumpster. With all the movement of heavy equipment, it can be a dangerous time to be standing idly around. Keep onlookers a good distance away while the driver is delivering your dumpster.

5. One Last Sweep

Upon arrival, before your container is dropped consult with your driver to make sure everything good to go. One last sweep to ensure the area is clear and that there’s enough room to deliver and pick up the dumpster. Again, check for trees, utility lines, or any other obstacles that may affect the unloading of the dumpster. If there’s a potential issue with where you would want your dumpster placed, your driver should be able to point them out to you.


We hope these tips help you to better prepare for your dumpster delivery. Remember, things such as getting the necessary permits, communicating with neighbors and providing a safe area for your dumpster delivery is a great way to ensure you have a safe and problem free rental!

If you’re looking for an easy dumpster rental experience, look no further than the professionals at Ultimate Dumpsters! While we can’t promise that the rest of your project will run as smoothly, we will make sure your dumpster rental experience is a piece of cake.