Learn How to Save Money on Your Dumpster Rental & Stay on Budget with these Tips

Looking to save money on your dumpster rental during these trying times? We understand it’s important to keep yourself on a budget. This can be especially hard if you are in the middle of a renovation, with very few businesses up and running it may be tough for you to get your original materials or labor for the cost you had projected. In order to help our customers keep their budget on track we’ve written down 5 helpful tips that will help save them money on their dumpster rental.

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1. Know How Much Material Your Disposing Before Your Dumpster Arrives

It’s important to have an accurate idea of how much material you have to dispose of before your dumpster arrives. By knowing the approximate volume your project manager can better recommend the best dumpster size prior to delivery. If you believe your material is less than you actually have, you are more likely to overfill the container – which can lead to additional costs. 

2. Give Your Project Manager an Accurate Description of Your Waste

Knowing the exact materials going inside the dumpster makes it easier for us to accurately price you. Different waste materials cost different amounts at the landfill, some are not allowed to be disposed of in the same container. If you happen to toss in some additional waste not mentioned when ordering, you could end up with a hefty landfill bill.

3. Stay within Your Rental Period

Staying inside of your rental period is important! If your contract states you were given 7 days for disposal, then be sure to call in for removal by the 7th day – as you will be charged for any additional days over that. If you need to keep the container longer, contact your project manager and discuss with them, they will be able to give you an additional rental period for a lower cost than you would pay if you don’t. 

4. Don’t Put Prohibited Items Inside the Dumpster

Always remember to check the prohibited items section on our website before filling your dumpster. You can also ask your project manager for a list of the items to avoid – any prohibited items placed in the dumpster are subject to additional charges. Keep your rental costs low by leaving these items out of the dumpster! If you still need to dispose of certain prohibited items such as mattresses, car batteries, paint cans or appliances – check your local municipality for programs they may offer to dispose of these items correctly. 

5. Check Your Community Policies for Possible Permits 

In some communities you may need to have a permit in place prior to your dumpster delivery. Permits are of course an additional cost, the amounts may vary depending your location. If you are unsure whether or not you need a permit, ask your project manager to check. They can then include the permit in your overall cost – saving you the time and headache of getting it yourself. 

We hope this post helps you save money on your dumpster rental! Remember by following these tips you can rest assured your rental costs will be affordable and predictable. If you’re looking to order a container – call us today to discuss your needs! Our project managers ready and able to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today via phone at (866) 858-3867 or fill out our Contact Form to receive a call from one of our experienced project managers.