Even though it might seem easy, loading a dumpster takes a lot of effort. Having rented a dumpster, it is time to fill it up. How you load a dumpster depends on its contents. This article will explain how to correctly load a dumpster, which makes removing it from your property by our dumpster rental services easier. Plus, it will help you maximize the space within the dumpster.

Break Down Big And Bulky Items

Make sure you break heavy objects before putting them into the dumpster to maximize the available space. The disassembly of large furniture like couches and dining tables can make it easier to store in the dumpster.

Load The Dumpster From Front To Back

Depending on the size of the dumpster rentals, you will have the option of one or two back doors for easy loading. The effective distribution of trash is made possible thanks to these doors. Avoid loading anything over the side walls of your dumpster as that makes it hard to maximize the space inside. Before loading check what items are prohibited inside of our dumpsters? Organize your items neatly from the front of the bin, and move backward.

Avoid Overfilling A Dumpster With Construction and Demolition Debris

Overfilling is a common issue. Customers are not restricted in how high they can stack items in dumpsters. Always keep the load inside at least one foot below the unit’s lid. This helps prevent objects from falling out during transportation to the disposal facility.  It also makes waste disposal easier.

You also don’t want anything sticking out from the dumpster. Items like pipes, rods, and sticks should be placed horizontally and not vertically. Our container service may turn down dumpsters loaded over the brim.

Some Materials Can Not Go In A Dumpster

Every dumpster rental company in Long Island, and New York, NY provides a list of banned items. These items are usually determined by the municipal recycling facilities, not the rental provider. Generally, a roll-off dumpster is often not the best place to dispose of harmful toxins or other polluting substances.

Firearms, inflammable waste, and other various harmful materials are typically forbidden. When in doubt, check with your dumpster rental provider if a substance is permitted for disposal in the dumpster.

If you are a business owner, check with the company to find out if the items you want to dispose of are permitted.

Choose The Best Loading Spot

The right loading area can make disposing of items easier. Our dumpster delivery team can assist you in selecting the best spot on your property. However, depending on the size and type of property, some dumpsters especially the larger 30-yard and 40-yard may have to be placed on the street.

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Our approach to dumpster rentals makes waste removal and management easier. Want to rent dumpsters? Feel free to contact us today.